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buy durex extra safe

Durex has a wide selection of products to make your love life more exciting. From ribbed and nubbed condoms in various sizes to lubricating gels and latex-free condoms, we have everything you need for your pleasure with us. We also offer advantage sets with a variety of condoms to make your night unforgettable!

Gone are the days when you could only have one partner, one position, and one point of view. Durex believes that everyone can have good sex. It doesn’t matter how or with whom you like it. It is past time to question norms and eliminate uncertainty. Feel good about yourself and whatever you’re into – it’s your sex, so do it your way.

The Real Feel of Delicate Condoms Classic condoms are thinner than traditional Durex latex condoms, resulting in an even more intense experience when making love.
Why does it feel so good: Because of the unique manufacturing process, the contraceptives are transparent, moistened, and have a pleasant odor – ideal for undisturbed sexual pleasure.

Quality of Durex: Thin condoms made of natural rubber latex that have been dermatologically tested and electronically tested to provide reliable protection.
Made for a lot of sex: The condoms are comfortable to wear, have a perfect fit, and are simple to unroll thanks to the reservoir and perfect fit. The nominal width is 56 mm. 195 mm in length
1 x 40 pcs. Genuine Sentiment Durex XXL condoms / delicate contraceptives for a safe and emotional sexual experience for two

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