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best kitkat

best kitkat , a chocolate-covered wafer bar confection created by Rowntree’s of and  now produced globally by Nestlé (which acquired Rowntree’s in 1988), except in the United States,
where it made under licence by the H. B. Reese Candy Company, division Hershey Company (an agreement that Rowntree first made with Hershey in 1970).
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The various jar sizes of our Nestle Classic Nescafe Coffee suitable for all markets.
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    • Variations We Frequently Export: We offer
      • KITKAT 4 Finger 48 x 45g (Milk, Dark and White)
      • KITKAT Chunky 24 x 45g and 24 x 70g (Milk)
      • KITKAT 2 Finger 36 x 21g (Milk and White)
      • KITKAT 11 Finger 24 x 150g (Milk, Dark and White)
      • KITKAT Fun Bag 32 x 250g (Milk and White)
      • KITKAT POPCHOC 17 x 140g (Milk)

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Order a variety of bulk Kitkat products just by filling out the inquiry form at the bottom of this page. Below you will find all the necessary detailed information about the wholesale Kitkat we can supply.

Go through the list and let us know if you want to buy Kitkat in bulk.

What Sizes Can We Supply?

  • Kit Kat Milk Chocolate Wafer Candy (12 Bars)
  • Kit Kat White Milk Chocolate Wafer Candy (24 Bars)
  • Kit Kat Extra Crisp Wafers in Milk Chocolate Bar (36/pack)
  • Kit Kat (1.5 oz.)
  • Kit Kat Mini Assorted
  • Kit Kat King Size (24 Ct)
  • Kit Kat Caramel (36 CT per box)
  • Kit Kat Kohaku White & Milk Chocolate (6oz)

Here are some types of Kit Kat chocolate brands list that you might need:

  • KIT KAT Minis King Size
  • KIT KAT Minis
  • KIT KAT Milk Chocolate
  • KIT KAT King Size
  • KIT KAT Dark
  • KIT KAT White
  • KIT KAT Extra Crispy
  • KIT KAT Snack Size
  • KIT KAT Miniatures
  • KIT KAT Assorted Miniatures
  • KIT KAT Assorted Miniatures Party Bag

Couldn’t find your preferred size on the list above? No need to be sad.

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Specification of Our Wholesale Kitkat Chocolate

  • Product Type: Chocolate
  • Type: Sweet Chocolate
  • Color: Brown, White
  • Additional Ingredient: Biscuit
  • Form: Solid
  • Shape: Bar
  • Packaging: Cartons
  • Shelf Life: 24 months
  • Brand Name: KITKAT
  • Place of Origin: Germany
  •  These include English, Poland, Dutch, German, Italian, Arabic, Turkish, and, Russian.


Quality Cocoa Produce

KitKat is a perfect balance of chocolate and wafer first launched in the UK in 1935 as ‘Chocolate Crisp’. The KitKat brand name and logo was introduced on the pack in 1937.

KitKat Chocolatory is the ultimate KitKat Break Experience offering products with unique premium flavours, personalized and customized, digitally shareable.

KitKat is the first global confectionery brand to be sourced from 100% sustainable cocoa.

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