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nivea dry impact price

NIVEA MEN Dry Impact Deodorant Spray provides reliable anti-perspirant protection for 72 hours. The highly effective Dual-Active formulation, which contains two highly effective anti-transpirant ingredients, effectively combats Achselnässe, keeps the Achseln dry, and prevents unpleasant body odor. The spray has a maskulinen, fresh scent and is now available in a 100 percent recycled aluminum can: NIVEA Men Dry Impact Spray 150 ml.

Anti-perspirant protection for 48 hours
The DryPlus system and minerals keep the armpits dry.
Freshness, deodorant protection, and care are all combined to provide triple protection.
Dermatologically approved skin compatibility

The NIVEA MEN Dry Impact Deodorant Spray provides 48-hour anti-perspirant protection. The dual-active formula, which contains two highly effective anti-perspirant ingredients, effectively combats underarm wetness, keeps the armpits pleasantly dry, and thus prevents unpleasant body odor. The spray has a masculine, fresh fragrance and moisturizes the skin. Skin compatibility has been clinically proven.

Aerosol is extremely flammable. If heated, a pressurized container may burst. Keep away from heat, hot surfaces, sparks, open flames, and other sources of ignition. Smoking is not permitted. Not in the presence of an open flame or

Spray another source of ignition. Even after use, do not puncture or burn. Only use in accordance with the intended purpose. Prior to sun exposure

protect. Temperatures above 50°C should be avoided. It must not fall into the hands of

reach out to children Only empty cans should be placed in the recycling bin. longer

Avoid spraying and inhaling directly. Do not spray into the eyes. not up to date

On irritated or damaged skin, apply.

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