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sensodyne toothbrush price

The Sensodyne Sensitive toothbrush was created specifically for cleaning and brushing sensitive teeth on a daily basis. Its bristles are soft and gentle on sensitive teeth and gums. Its head is specially designed to clean effectively even in difficult-to-clean areas. Brushing your teeth and gums twice daily with fluoride toothpaste is recommended for effective cleaning.

Concerning this item

Brush your teeth for a thorough cleaning, especially if you have sensitive teeth.
Soft threads for gentle tooth cleaning and gum care. Round head for good adaptability to sensitive zones, small head for cleaning the same difficult-to-reach areas.
Ideal for use with Sensodyne complete toothpaste care, which comes in three suppleness levels: extra soft, soft, and medium.
Brushing twice a day is recommended for maximum efficiency, and toothbrushes should be changed every three months.
2 x Sensodyne toothbrush care & precision, medium flexibility
It is not possible to choose a color.


This toothbrush has soft, rounded bristles that are gentle on sensitive teeth and gums.
The oval head and slim neck of the toothbrush aid in cleaning even in difficult-to-reach areas.
The wide handle provides a secure grip.
When used in conjunction with fluoride toothpaste, it is as simple to use as a regular toothbrush and aids in the effective cleaning of your teeth and gums.
Sensodyne is a brand recommended by dentists for sensitive teeth.

How to Apply

Brush your teeth gently twice a day to keep plaque at bay.
Brush gently, as using too much pressure can result in overbrushing.
Toothbrushes should be replaced every three months.

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sensodyne toothbrush price

sensodyne toothbrush price